water scarcity

Four ways Africa’s driest countries improve water

Three percent of Earth's water is fresh, and over two-thirds of that tiny amount is unavailable or polluted. The entire human race relies on the remaining 0,5 percent to survive. But water distribution is uneven – few places prove this point as much as Africa does. Cameroon receives an[...]

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Amid water scarcity: Plot owners in Bulawayo turn to groundwater for farming

Zimbabwe's second main city has long faced water troubles, effectively stifling agricultural activity. Water shedding has been a daily reality, putting brakes on any ambitious farming activities at a time when many here are turning to agriculture as a means of self-sufficiency. While some low-density areas established during the[...]

By Marko Phiri|17th October 2023|Categories: Articles, Resource management|Tags: , , , |
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