ISUZU – a preferred trucking solution partner

The statement that Isuzu is ‘with you for the long run’ is exactly the reason why ISUZU has become the overall leading brand in trucking for the past 10 years. Trucks, especially ISUZU trucks, are forecast to have a first economic life before major overhaul of at least 10[...]

By Specialist Writer|25th August 2022|Categories: Mechanisation, News|Tags: , , , , , |

CLAAS TELEMATICS: Technology makes farm machinery work harder

Gone are the days of laborious suffering for any farmer – young or old. The technological world of today simply makes things easier and hyper efficient. CLAAS TELEMATICS is an easy application (app) used by farmers to collect useful data. The application assists the farmer via the internet to[...]

By Benine Ackermann|1st October 2018|Categories: Articles, Mechanisation|Tags: , , |
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