composting and composting systems

Composting and composting systems Part 6: Composting methods and structures (continued)

by Ben Havenga In last month’s edition, we looked at wire mesh composting bins, circular, round, and pentagonal structures, as well as the rotating drum composter. Let us now look at our last three composting structures. Concrete block composter Concrete blocks or bricks may be used for building a[...]

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Composting and composting systems Part 4: The use of compost heaps

By Ben Havenga Compost can be used to improve the soil structure and drainage, as a mulch to cut down on water loss, and as a fertiliser to improve the soil’s fertility. Soil improvement In the beginning of spring, it is useful to dig in a layer of compost[...]

Composting and composting systems – Part 1: How to make compost

by Ben Havenga Your vegetable garden at home can be transformed into a growing, sustainable food source without having to buy expensive chemical fertilisers. Making your own compost is cheap and will rejuvenate your garden soil, ensuring you the best quality vegetables that you can produce. This series will[...]

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