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Stumbelbloc: Building Made Easy

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The Stumbelbloc Building System is a unique and patented block and mould that was developed in South Africa by Andre Esterhuizen. Experienced in many different types of construction, from low-cost housing to multimillion-rand private homes, he encountered all the normal building problems. Notably, un-skilled labour, extremes of temperatures and high transport costs.

Keen to help the disadvantaged, Andre started to experiment with concrete building blocks that can be produced from moulds, at low cost. After three years of extensive experimentation and testing, a suitable mould and block was developed.

The block design is unique in that the blocks are interlocking and therefore self-aligning and self-levelling, in a similar way to children’s building blocks. The blocks can be produced on site and built into many different structures using un-skilled labour and without the use of any external energy sources.

The Stumbelbloc moulds are made of a durable poly-propylene plastic, and with good care can last for many years. The moulds are generally sold in sets of 26 full and 4 half block moulds. This quantity of blocks can be produced every second day, as the blocks sleep in the moulds for two nights before de-moulding.

A set of moulds is based on our standard mixture of:

  • Two wheelbarrows (130L) building sand
  • Two wheelbarrows (130L) 13mm stone
  • One 50kg bag of 42,5 MPa cement

This mixture will fill the 26 full and 4 half block moulds, allowing you to manufacture the same quality blocks with every batch, while having no waste concrete.

The manufacturing process is quite simple:

  1. Oil and assemble the moulds
  2. Mix the standard concrete mixture
  3. Fill the moulds
  4. Store the filled moulds undisturbed for two nights
  5. De-mould the blocks
  6. Clean the moulds

The de-moulded blocks are kept separate for one more day, after which they can be stacked and palletised. The blocks are then left to cure for 14 days in the summer and 21-28 days in the winter (temperature dependant), before being used in construction.

During the building process, the Stumbelbloc Building System uses a unique, thin-bed mortar called Blockgrip. The Blockgrip allows for fast, strong construction at an affordable cost. You simply create a “slurry” in a wheelbarrow, dip the bottom of the block in the mixture and place the block on top of the other blocks in a “Stretcher-Bond” style. The Blockgrip is sold in 1kg concentrate, which is mixed with one wheelbarrow fine plaster sand (65L) and one 50kg, 42,5 MPa cement. This single mixture will glue / build 300 – 400 blocks.

With the Stumbelbloc Building System you can expect the following advantages:

  • Fast construction
  • Lower construction costs
  • Utilisation of un-skilled labour
  • No chasing of walls (all services go directly down the cavities of the blocks)
  • No need for lintels for door and window openings of up to 1.6m (lintels are built using the blocks)
  • Clean and neat building site

These are just some of the advantages of the Stumbelbloc Building System. The blocks can be used to build a wide range of structures, including but not limited to: dwellings, storehouses, kennels, boundary walls, retaining walls, swimming pools, ponds and much more.

The Stumbelbloc Building System, blocks and moulds have gone through all approval processes and has full Agrément approval. Construction with the Stumbelbloc Building System is also financed by most banks.

If you want more information or a quotation for the moulds, feel free to contact us or visit our website Alternatively contact us (+27) 21 551 1011 or send an e-mail to

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