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SARO unveils Zambia’s first locally developed 10 tonne per day maize milling plant

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10TPD Milling Plant – Unvailing 2

SARO has proudly unveiled Zambia’s first-ever locally designed and built 10 tonne per day maize milling plant, marking a significant milestone in the country’s industrial landscape.

This groundbreaking achievement underscores SARO’s commitment to innovation and the advancement of Zambia’s agricultural sector.

The milling plant, meticulously designed and manufactured by SARO, boasts a comprehensive suite of components tailored for efficient maize processing. At its core, the plant features a maize cleaner, a grain storage hopper, and three dehullers, ensuring seamless operation even in the event of a dehuller downtime. This resilience ensures uninterrupted production, crucial for meeting the demands of local communities.

Integral to the plant’s functionality is a hammermill, adept at processing hulled maize into the beloved staple, breakfast mealie meal.

Representatives of SARO, CEEC Director General Dr. Muwe Mungule, SARO Works Manager Mr. Kulkarni Mahesh, SARO General Manager Mr. Milind Amin and Honourable Minister of Small & Medium Scale Enterprises Mr. Elias Mubanga discuss the workings of the innovative milling plant.

Moreover, SARO’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident with the inclusion of a dust filter, mitigating environmental dust and promoting cleaner air quality.

This landmark achievement was made possible through collaboration with the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC), highlighting the power of public-private partnerships in driving economic development.

The unveiling ceremony, graced by Honorable Elias Mubanga, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprise, served as a testament to the government’s unwavering support for local innovation and entrepreneurship.

In his address, Minister Mubanga expressed his excitement, proclaiming the milling plant as a testament to Zambia’s growing capacity for local manufacturing and economic empowerment.

The procurement of this state-of-the-art facility for a cooperative in Chavuma, Northwestern Province, underscores the government’s commitment to fostering growth and prosperity at the grassroots level.

In a move aimed at enhancing technological capabilities, SARO, with the funding support of the European Union, acquired a cutting-edge laser cutting machine.

This acquisition has proved instrumental in the manufacturing process of SARO’s groundbreaking 10 tonne per day maize milling plant, further exemplifying SARO’s dedication to leveraging innovative technology for agricultural advancement in Zambia.

The laser cutting machine has enabled precision engineering of crucial components, ensuring optimal performance and durability of the milling plant, thereby solidifying SARO’s position as a pioneer in local manufacturing and innovation.

SARO’s 10 tonne per day maize milling plant stands as a beacon of local ingenuity, poised to catalyse socio-economic development and enhance food security across Zambia.

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