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ProAgri BNZ 42

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As long as you never run out of plans …

The year has certainly started off with speed and intensity. I think more than ever we all realise that planning is such a crucial aspect of anything we do, whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or a farmer. Which reminds me of my father who will always say: “Your plans should never run out. A farmer makes a plan. Whether it is a good season or a season of drought, a plan must always be made.”

While grain farmers are working hard to get their yields into the silos, we at ProAgri BNZ have also been busy bringing you the latest technological news in the agricultural industry.

Apart from our usual article series on best practices in various farming branches, we also showcase a multitude of products and services within the agricultural industry. In this, our 42nd edition, we feature articles on Carl Hamm in collaboration with SICcast® with their innovative solutions helping farmers to improve the efficiency and durability of their equipment

We also take a closer look at the latest technologies available from various agricultural companies, as well as the latest Tech news from around the world. For the niche farmers we feature a new article on herb and spice farming, and the many benefits it can bring as an additional branch to your farming business.

Livestock farmers will enjoy our articles on goat breeds, and our new farm management and planning series gives tips to farmers on how to use their resources optimally.

In Zimbabwe, a new focus on increasing local wheat production is showing positive results, and there is a greater consciousness of the need to work towards import substitution by growing and processing food products locally, rather than importing them.

We at ProAgri are passionate about farming and very excited about the future of agriculture in Africa. The African continent has the potential to make a real difference in food security for the whole world, and many companies realise this. More and more agricultural companies are becoming involved in African agriculture, which means that you, the farmer, will enjoy a wide choice, guaranteed good service and high-quality inputs.

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