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Exploring African soil

I had the privilege of visiting several farmers in Pandamatenga, Botswana, at the end of January. Pandamatenga is one of parts of Botswana most suited to dryland farming. Locals call the village Panda.

The six silos that can be seen when passing through Panda are the only
landmarks and indications of civilisation, you really can miss it, if you blink! Even though it is small and would miss the average person’s radar, the village and its surroundings are magical and surreal.

The village relies mainly on agriculture. About 46% of Botswana has been
zoned for agricultural production and is cultivated by both large-scale commercial farmers and smaller subsistence farmers in the area. The major constraint to crop production is the lack of adequate rainfall.

Major crops grown in Botswana are sorghum, maize, millet and cowpeas.
Since most of the farmers in this area regularly experience drought, they
rely on irrigation to make their farming efficient and profitable. Not only is
crop farming popular in Botswana, but livestock farming as well, which includes cattle, sheep and goats.

Although there is huge potential for growth in the African countries it is sad
to face the challenges of diseases, a lack of private sector investments, a lack of capacity to invest in operations and infrastructure, et cetera

A recent statement of the Agricultural Finance Scoping claimed that the main agricultural-related objective and the new vision of 2036 for Botswana are to develop a sustainable, technology driven, commercially viable, diseasefree agricultural sector which optimises land and other resources.

Well, not only is this vision my wish for Botswana, but for all the
African countries and the thriving farmers out there. Africa is endowed with the most amazing wildlife and infused with rich and diverse cultures. What an incredible experience it was to explore African soil, indeed.

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