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LiuGong’s 890H is the ultimate powerhouse wheel loader

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The LiuGong 890H is the ultimate powerhouse in the world of wheel loaders.

In a tough world you need tough equipment. The powerful LiuGong 890H Wheel Loader can get the job done faster and more efficient.

This machine has a loading cycle time of 11 seconds, a bucket size of 5,4 m3 and can lift and tip a load of more than 22 tonnes without breaking a sweat! With a QSM11 Cummins engine you know that there is nothing this loader cannot do.

With a loading capacity of 5,4 m3, the LiuGong 890H can transfer bigger loads and get the job done faster.

Powerful engine

With such high operational specifications the LiuGong 890H needs a powerful and reliable engine and that is why the Cummins QSM11 engine with an output of 261 kW (350 Hp) at 2 100 rpm makes the difference. This powerhouse has a turbo charged air-to-air cooler aspiration and a net power of 248 kW.

The LiuGong 890H is tough on work but soft on the operator, enabling long hours of comfortable worktime.

Ready to do big jobs fast

The LiuGong 890H provides remarkable acceleration and torque as well as a bucket filling and lifting capacity which will help increase your cycle times. The 890H has a forward travel speed of 38,2 km per hour and reverse travel speed of 26,5 km per hour.

The loading bucket of 5,4 m³ can lift a straight load of 25 827 kg and a full turn tipping load of 22 582 kg. With a breakout bucket force of 245 kN and a full height dump angle of 45º this wheel loader can work in even the tightest of spaces.

It boasts a dump clearance of 3 330 mm at full height, a dump reach of 1 479 mm  and can also dig in 142 mm to pick up the load.

In the record loading cycle time of 11 seconds 6 seconds is spent on lifting, 1,6 on dumping and 3,4 to float down.

LiuGong provides tough power for a tough world.

Size of the 890H Wheel Loader

With the bucket down this machine is 9 352 mm in length, has a wheelbase of 3 700 mm and ground clearance of 476 mm.

Who can say no to power like this? Contact LiuGong today on their website to order your 890H wheel loader.


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