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FS 161 and FS 291: This is how legends are born

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How can you replace not one but TWO iconic STIHL machines? How can the power and performance of the FS 160 and FS 280 be improved upon?

For those who’ve forgotten, the FS 160 was a powerful yet low-weight 1.4kW brushcutter for trimming large areas of tough grass and cutting back bushes and small trees, while the FS 280 1.9kW brushcutter was ideal for working on large areas over longer working periods.

But now STIHL has done the unthinkable – launched two machines that are not merely an upgrade of these two legendary machines. These are completely NEW machines. They are bigger and better and more powerful. Let us introduce you to the FS 161 (1.5kW) and the FS 291 (2.0kW). These two machines have just been released to markets across the globe.

Welcome to the future of grass-cutting and bush-clearing …  today!

What can you expect?

Both models feature impressively-powerful engines with fuel-efficient 2-Mix Technology instead of the standard 2-stroke engines of the FS 160 and FS 280. This means that both machines are more fuel efficient and have high torque over a wide speed range.  The result is most welcome when fuel prices increase almost every month: you can anticipate a fuel saving of between 10 to 20% compared to your standard 2-stroke machines. What a win!

But there’s more cost-saving for you to enjoy with the FS 161 and FS 291. Both come standard with an AutoCut C46-2 mowing head, and as proved through independent studies by the University of Stellenbosch’s Forestry Department, using STIHL 2.7mm nylon line leads to major cost savings compared to using 3.5mm pre-cut nylon line. The research shows that up to 60% of pre-cut nylon is thrown away when using an aluminium head, resulting in costly wastage. When using the STIHL spooled nylon head system, a maximum of just 30cm of nylon is thrown away, which equates to less than 3%. Another winner!

Also important, especially in a professional situation where time means money, the AutoCut C46-2 head offers significant time savings by eliminating frequent line changes, as one spool takes 13m of line with an average usage of 1,5m per day. And STIHL 2.7mm nylon also cuts faster, further increasing production.

An additional time saver is that both machines have 750ml fuel tanks, larger than the previous machines, so that operators stop less often to refuel.

Game-changing, cleaner-burning 2-Mix Technology

The STIHL two-stroke engine with 2-Mix Technology is a game-changer that sets new standards. During the scavenging process, a layer of air without any fuel is created between the burnt charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase. The exhaust is separated from the fresh fuel mix to minimise the scavenging losses, reducing the hydrocarbons that pose a health and environmental hazard, and also resulting in a fuel saving. The reduction of scavenging losses allows for complete combustion, reducing fuel lost through the exhaust. This allows for better power output and fuel efficiency.

Streamlining and simplifying

These two machines offer streamlined convenience for operators, professionals and dealers alike as spares are now consolidated across seven models.

How can you resist?

The multiple cost-saving and time-saving advantages of using these two machines are good reason to change.

Plus, these new models offer so much more than the previous FS 160 and FS 280 models (which are being discontinued) – AT THE SAME PRICE!

The hard-working reliability and proven resilience of STIHL machines, and the support offered by the STIHL nationwide network of expert dealers is another reason to change.

There simply is no choice. Get the FS 161 and FS 291 today. This is how legends are born.

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