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For a firm and even seedbed get LEMKEN’s Rubin 12 and Karat 9

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LEMKEN’s Rubin 12 cuts the crop residues after harvest time and deposits it in the top soil.

It all starts with your seedbed. The seedbed largely determines the germination of your crops and the ultimate success of your harvest. That’s why Skippies Joubert from Gideon Joubert Boerdery outside Luckhoff has been using LEMKEN’s Rubin 12/500KUA and Karat 9/600KUA for the past few years to cultivate his land.

“My soil has never been so ready before planting time, and it has never been so easy to harvest. The stand is also better, almost too perfect,”

he jokes.
Skippies Joubert from Luckhoff and Thinus Oosthuizen, from GWK at the robust LEMKEN machines.

“I bought the Rubin second-hand from a farmer in my area after seeing (at a demonstration day of LEMKEN) how well the machine works and how robust it is. After that I also bought a new Karat,”

he says.
The Karat 9 cultivates the soil after the Rubin 12 has been through for a finer and firmer seedbed.

Skippies farms with maize and wheat. He explains how LEMKEN fits into his farm: “I first use the Rubin 12 to cut maize residues after harvest and then (not the same day, because the land has to stand a bit) I use the Karat 9 to do the final mixing, because it works deeper.”

Previously, he burned his lands after harvesting and now he firmly believes that material should be placed back into the ground. The operation certainly brought an improvement in its returns.

According to Skippies, a farmer can only win with both tools from LEMKEN, because together they work better.

“The machines can cultivate 30 hectares on a good day,”

he says.
The Karat 9 cultivates the soil after the Rubin 12 has been through for a finer and firmer seedbed.

According to Thinus Oosthuizen, from GWK who markets LEMKEN’s machines, the Rubin is also a moisture preservation tool. “Because the material enters the soil, it moistens the soil and the moisture stays in the soil longer.”

In turn, the Karat can work at different depths with different tine points, and its roller makes a firm seedbed. It has three different tine points: a broad point of 120 mm that can prepare wider and shallower seedbed and take care of weeds, a narrower one of 80 mm that works deeper, and then the narrowest point that can work between 60 mm and 400 mm deep.

“The narrowest one has a tungsten point on it. Such a point is rock hard which means it lasts a long time and the farmer does not have to swop the points while working,”

says Thinus.

Skippies is very satisfied with LEMKEN’s service. “They help me immediately if I have a problem. For example, if I have a question about an adjustment on one of the machines, I call them and explain to them over the phone what I need to do. They know their product and also always ask how they can still improve their machines.”

The parts are readily available at Luckhoff’s GWK branch. “If it’s something big we do not have, we order it and deliver it within a day,” says Thinus.

Why a farmer should buy a Rubin 12 and Karat 9:

After the Rubin 12 and Karat 9 have done their bit, the land is ready for the next season.
  • The implements require less diesel for more work than other comparable equipment, which is very important with today’s diesel prices.
  • The machines improve the structure of the soil by reconsolidation and the moisture content with the material being returned.
  • Better time management because fields need less tillage.
  • The machines need little maintenance.
  • Everything on the machines, including the teeth and dishes, is robust, with adequate breakaway action for protection.
  • They fold up easily for transport and movement on the farm.
  • An investment in blue ultimately means an investment in your harvest!

You can also get a LEMKEN crop. Contact Karel Munnik at +27(0)-82-412-2577 or, or Blackie Swart at +27(0)-82-404-9651 or The office number is +27(0)-86-267-5720

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