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CH Trucks: The experts in finding you the right truck

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Refrigeration truck

Growing your business requires many factors to work together in harmony. One of these may be transportation. This is a large expense and having an experienced team on your side can help you to navigate the daunting task. Enter CH Trucks! They can assist you with skip bin loaders, tipper trucks, refrigeration trucks, gas cylinder trucks, garbage trucks and so much more.

Here are some of the different types of trucks they can help you with:

Box truck

These are specialised commercial vehicles with an enclosed rectangular cargo compartment. It can be used for delivery and transport, moving vehicles, emergency services or mobile storage. They come in many different sizes and with different features.

Cab chassis truck

This truck looks like a pickup truck but is often referred to as a half truck or cab chassis because it is usually purchased without a fixed bedding. The reinforced platform can handle various body figurations and types depending on your need. It can be used as a customised work vehicle, construction vehicles, tow trucks and food trucks, among others.

Tipper truck

A tipper truck is also commonly known as a dump truck and is a heavy-duty goods vehicle with a tipper body. It has an open top on the body and a hydraulic system that allows it to offload materials. These trucks can be used for transporting loose material, construction sites or even as waste removal trucks.

Skip bin loaders

These trucks are commonly used on construction sites and for waste management. Skip bin loaders have a hydraulic arm to assist with material handling. They are equipped with a skip which is a detachable container or bucket and can handle materials such as construction debris, soil, gravel and more.

Refrigeration trucks

Refrigeration trucks are designed to transport perishable good at low temperatures. It has a refrigeration unit installed and can be used to transport groceries, pharmaceuticals or other temperature-sensitive cargo.

These are only a few of the trucks CH Trucks can assist you with. Contact them on to find out how they can assist you to get the best truck for the job.


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