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Ankole cow sells for R 1 800 000 at the annual Ntaba Nyoni auction

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The seventh annual Ntaba Nyoni Ankole and Boran Auction of President Cyril Ramaphosa recently held was a huge success.

On the 2nd of March 2024 Ankole and Boran breeders gathered at the beautiful Phala Phala Wildlife farm, outside Bela-Bela for the prestigious event. Some of the best genetics in both Ankole and Boran breeds were on offer at the auction, as well as new impressive genetics.

The top sale of the day was Kethiwe, one of Ntaba Nyoni’s top cows, she was sold with her heifer calf as a 3-in-1 for an astonishing R1 800 000 to Collen Tafireyi from Sinyo Boran and Ankole’s in Zimbabwe.

Five semen straws from up-and-coming Ankole bull, Kovu, were also up for grabs and sold for a record breaking R55 000 per straw.

The father and son duo from Sterkfontein Borane walked away with four amazing sales. They acquired a pregnant recipient with the embryo of Katanga and Makhadzi for R1 000 000, which will introduce new genetics from Uganda. These genetics include long horns with thick bases.

Sterkfontein also acquired genetics from Kovu and Cinderella which they are especially excited about. Lastly, they bought a beautiful Boran heifer which they missed out on a few years ago at one of the previous actions and said they are excited for the addition to their stud.

Rohan Meintjies and his son Dylan attended the day and carefully chose the cattle they wanted. The Boran and Ankole cattle are the latest additions to the Sterkfontein Farms.

To kick off the Boran auction a charity bull was sold for R40 000 and the pregnant and 3-in-1 animals all did very well with some lots selling between R350 000 to R450 000.

The averages on the Ankole’s were as follow:

4 x Bulls – R152 200

1 x Cow – R320 000

1 x 3-in-1 cow – R1 800 000

2 x Cow in calf – R290 000

9 x Embryos – R40 667

2 x Heifers – R500 000

1 x Heifer in calf – R600 000

9 x Recipients – R351 111

30 x Semen straws – R28 000

1 x Cow with calf – R750 000

The averages on the Boran’s were as follow:

2 x Bulls – R67 500

3 x Commercial Boran cow with calf – R28 667

3 x Boran 3-in-1 – R330 000

9 x Boran cow with calf – R133 333

5 x Boran cows in calf – R98 000

3 x Boran heifers – R85 000

12 x Boran heifers in calf – R141 667

Jessica Phathela the stud manager for the Ntaba Nyoni stud said that she is excited to see what the future holds for Boran’s and Ankole’s in South Africa especially with new genetics being introduced.

This successful auction was presented by Veewinkel a division of Veilingswinkel.

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