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AgriWes offersmachines offers machines for better cultivation and higher yields

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Farmers from all over the country were very interested and impressed with the tractors and implements from AgriWes during the recent Triple A farmers day in Mkusi.

The excitement of the summer planting season is upon us and farmers are eagerly searching for better equipment to make this an easier and more profitable year. Everyone strives for that seamless season where nothing goes wrong and all the machines work perfectly.

Therefore, farmers welcome any opportunity to get the look and feel of equipment in action. Such an occasion was the first Triple A farmer’s day presented by AgriWes, Agricon and AFGRI (who held a similar day last year on their own). This was a demonstration day where the equipment had to show its true value. The day was held on Cena, Michael Selby’s  farm at Mt Isabelle near Mkushi. About 40 serious commercial farmers attended the day and watched the working of the machines with eagle eyes. This was very convenient for the farmers, since they had a chance to compare equipment from all the different brands.

“Although the commodity prices are low, farmers are eager to make the best of this season and are shopping and looking around for the right equipment. The farmers where very impressed with, and interested in the AgriWes product range and they believe it will work for them,” Cobus de Kock, Marketing Manager of AgriWes, says.

AgriWes is based in Mkushi and they are the importers and agents for CLAAS tractors and implements from Germany, as well as Väderstad implements from Sweden. One of the biggest anxieties before a farmers’ day is the quality of the soil and whether the soil moisture and biomaterial will be suitable to imitate the specific season the implements will have to work, but luckily AgriWes could demonstrate all their equipment with ease and deliver the required results.


The AgriWes team was well represented at the Triple A farmers’ day in Mkushi.

Africa welcomes CLAAS

The CLAAS range is very popular in South Africa and there is no reason why it won’t perform as well in Zambia. Agri-Wes demonstrated three of their tractors during the Tripple A farmer’s day: the AXION 920, AXION 930 and the ARION 630 C. The AXION 900 series is internationally acclaimed as one of the most efficient tractors on the market when attributes such as performance, fuel consumption and robustness are considered. The AXION 920 and 930 is the answer for farmers who need to farm smartly these days, to reduce costs and who need to improve on yields and productivity. This tractor range also off ers comfort and ease of operation to operators.

The AXION 920 and 930 are equipped with powerful FPT 8,7 litre 6 cylinder engines that produce 239 (320hp) to 306 kW (410hp). This power is efficiently converted to pulling power on the wheels by the continuously variable ZF ECCOM 3.0 CV transmission designed by CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS (CPS). The 50 /50 weight distribution between the front and rear wheels ensure balanced allround grip, enabling the farmer to work more hectares at a lower fuel consumption.

If you’re looking for a reliable, high performance tractor in the lighter and smaller category, you need to look no further than the ARION 600 C. This tractor off ers everything you need to successfully perform those arduous everyday tasks like drawing trailers, sprayers and smaller cultivating implements. It is comfortably equipped, economical to run, and so powerful that it can convincingly handle even the most diffi cult challenges.

The powerful ECE R 120, 6,8 litre, six-cylinder engine puts out 104 Kw (140hp) to 127 kW (170hp) and the 16/16 QUADRISHIFT transmission is designed with four power shift speeds. With the revolutionary, electrohydraulic, clutchless REVERSHIFT reverser, the driver can forget about the clutch pedal. The hydraulics system has a flow rate of 60 to 98 litres per minute, and this machine can turn on a penny with a turning radius of only 4,85 metres.


Cobus de Kock explained all the exquisite features of the CLAAS and Väderstad machines to the farmers.

Väderstad for perfect planting

The Väderstad RAPID 800 C wheat planter was also demonstrated by Agri-Wes. Thanks to its array of toolbars, the RAPID 800 C is always the right choice for any application. The unique depth control function and coulter pressure accurately place seeds in the right position, even at high speed. Väderstad managed to design the planter with only a few moving parts as well as cushioning on all working parts, which extends the life of the machine signifi cantly and makes its running cost very low.

The outstanding benefit of a RAPID drill is that it has one of the most accurate metering systems on the market. It can plant fine seeds from grass to beans up to large maize seeds. You can put your fertiliser down at the same time, but the planter keeps a wide space between the two to prevent burning. Two seed rows share one consolidation wheel, which ensures intimate soil to seed contact. This design also improves seed germination to improve yields. AgriWes also demonstrated three cultivation implements – two Carrier XL 425’s and the Top Down 500. The Carrier XL is a soil cultivation multi-tool for rational crop production.

With the Carrier, it is possible to do everything from creating an ultra-shallow false seed bed to efficiently incorporating large amounts of crop residue or manure. The cultivating and consolidating packer which follows at the end ensures that crop residues make good contact with the soil. The Top Down is a very reliable option if you need a multi-purpose cultivator. It offers flexibility in soil cultivation and the ability to adjust to diff erent conditions. The Top Down both slices and mixes large quantities of crop residue evenly into the cultivated soil profi le. The machine can work at a shallow depth, or as deep down as 40 cm. In either case it creates a seedbed in a single pass, which saves time and fuel.

Besides the superb equipment they have to offer, AgriWes understands after sales service and they are always ready to react to farmers’ problems as quickly as possible. They have one specialist technician out of South Africa and two Zambian mechanics in their team, as well as another apprentice presently undergoing training in South Africa. He will be on duty within the next twelve months.

“We are a dealer for Kempston Agri which is a well-established and widely respected company in South Africa. They give us technical support and ship parts and whole goods from there. We also get support from Germany for CLAAS and from Sweden for Väderstad. These two companies do their best to give a first world standard of support to AgriWes, even if the circumstances in Africa are challenging,” Cobus says.

For prime technology, contact AgriWes at +26(0)-96-136-2007 or e-mail Cobus de Kock at or Nico de Kock at


The (A) CLAAS AXION 920 transfers 239 kW (320hp) of power to the (B) the Väderstad RAPID 800 C wheat drill which is precisely built for problem free precision farming.


The AXION 930 from CLAAS and the Väderstad Carrier XL 425’s soil cultivation multi-tool are the perfect combination for effortless land preparation.


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