Phibro: Controlling Salmonella gallinarum (SG) and Salmonella pullorum (SP) in laying enterprises

In our previous article we discussed what happens when Salmonella pullorum (SP) and Salmonella gallinarum (SG) enter layer enterprises. We saw that, whilst SP affects mainly replacement pullets, SG may infect birds of all ages; both SP and SG are able to cause considerable economic losses. We also learned that SG and SP[...]

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A persistent problem in Zambia: Salmonellosis in laying hens

BY DR OSCAR BLANCO (DVM, PHD)- Phibro Animal Health Corporation, Central and Eastern Africa Region Salmonella is an enterobacterium, which means it can primarily infect the gastrointestinal tract, although in some cases it can distribute from the intestines to other organs. Each bacterium is in a capsule, which protects[...]

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