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SARO showcases advanced irrigation solutions at STACCS event

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SARO proudly participated in the Southern Tourism Agriculture and Commercial Show Cooperative Society Ltd (STACCS) event, a premier gathering that brought together exhibitors from all 15 districts of the Southern Province.

The event provided an excellent platform for showcasing our extensive range of equipment, and our SARO Livingstone team took center stage with a strong focus on innovative irrigation solutions.

Given the severe drought currently affecting the country, our display emphasised the importance of efficient and sustainable water management systems. We presented various diesel pump sets designed to meet the rigorous demands of agricultural irrigation.

However, the highlight of our exhibit was the SF2 Pump, popularly known as the Future Pump. This cutting-edge device, powered by solar energy, represents a significant advancement in irrigation technology.

Its eco-friendly design and reliance on renewable energy make it an ideal solution for farmers seeking to maintain productivity amidst challenging environmental conditions.

The enthusiastic response from attendees underscored the critical need for reliable and sustainable irrigation solutions.

SARO remains committed to supporting the agricultural community with innovative equipment that addresses both current challenges and future needs.




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