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Online service brings hunters and landowners together

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BOOKYOURHUNT, a leading international online hunting booking service, will introduce the opening of its African office in South Africa to the hunting sector during HuntEx2019 at Gallagher Convention Centre from 26 to 28 April 2019.

This free service enables international and local hunters to connect and network with reputable hunting outfitters and landowners about hunting opportunities in different locations and price ranges on the continent.

BOOKYOURHUNT is an established international market place where hunters can meet landowners and African outfitters without the involvement of a middleman. Alex McDonald (Director) and Peter Ruddle (Outfitter Relations, Africa) who are heading up the African office are familiar with the local game ranching and hunting sector are committed to provide the best possible experience for both hunters and landowners.

“With BOOKYOURHUNT we endeavour to serve the interests of hunters and landowners. The online market place provides a free global marketing platform for landowners and outfitters while hunters benefit by selecting their next hunt from a wider range of hunting opportunities that suit their needs and pockets,” Alex said.

BOOKYOURHUNT provides a virtual meeting place where landowners can tell hunters more about their farms, available animals, hunting conditions, facilities and prices. Hunters wishing to book hunting opportunities through BOOKYOURHUNT must belong to a recognised hunting association, which will provide some recourse for action should a hunter behave irresponsibly or unethically.

BOOKYOURHUNT verifies every hunting destination and protects hunters from hidden costs or extra charges by landowners. A review system on the website will allow hunters to give feedback on their experience. “It is a win-win situation for landowners and hunters. Think of it as the AirBnb for hunters,” said Peter.

Aleksei Agafonov, founder of BOOKYOURHUNT will be at Huntex to introduce the product to the South African market. Peter Ruddle and Alex McDonald invite landowners, outfitters and hunters to visit their booth (number 429) in Hall 4 to find out more about this online service.

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