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John Deere – The Future of farming today!

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John Deere customers will be the most Profitable, Productive and Sustainable with the John Deere Precision Ag solutions.

The value of John Deere Precision Ag lies in its innovative technology and solutions that help farmers optimize their operations, increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. By leveraging data-driven insights and advanced tools, John Deere Precision Ag empowers farmers to make more informed decisions about planting, fertilizing, irrigation, and harvesting, ultimately leading to better crop yields and profitability.

Through offerings such as the John Deere Operations Center, AutoTrac guidance systems, variable rate applications, and remote monitoring capabilities, John Deere Precision Ag enables farmers to maximize efficiency and precision in their farming practices. This not only benefits individual farmers but also contributes to overall agricultural sustainability by promoting resource conservation and environmental stewardship.

Overall, John Deere Precision Ag adds value to the farming industry by driving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in modern agriculture practices.

John Deere future is based on 3 key pillars, Connectivity & Experience, Insights and Intelligent and Automation & Autonomy. This drives the direction John Deere will follow with creating a profitable, productive and sustainable future for our customers.

With the key pillars we have the right products available today that will enhance your operation experience. The G5 Advanced Package from John Deere is an integrated technology solution designed to enhance the precision and efficiency of farming operations. This package includes a range of advanced features and tools that help farmers optimize their equipment performance and maximize productivity in the field. The Technology includes AutoPath™, AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, Machine Sync and AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance.

AutoPath – allows farmers to automatically record the exact path taken by their equipment in the field then replay that path for subsequent passes. This opens the door for repeatable guidance, consistent seed placement , will reduce soil compaction, save time and fuel and allows for accurate data collection. Overall, AutoPath helps farmers improve operational efficiency’s, optimize input usage and enhances overall crop productivity

AutoTrac™ Turn Automation automates the process of turning your equipment at the end of each pass during field operations. This helps improve efficiency, reduce operator fatigue, and ensure accurate and consistent field coverage. The key features of AutoTrac™ Turn Automation include automated turning, consistent  headland turns, improved operator comfort, time savings and enhanced accuracy. Overall, AutoTrac™ Turn Automation enhances the efficiency and precision of farming operations, allowing farmers to maximize productivity and optimize field performance while reducing the physical demands on operators.

AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance provides automated steering assistance for implements such as planters, seeder, sprayers and other equipment that are towed behind a tractor. This feature helps operators maintain accurate implement tracking and reduce skips and overlaps. Key features of AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance include improved accuracy, reduced operator fatigue, minimized overlap, increased efficiency and data recording. Overall. AutoTrac™ Implement Guidance helps farmers optimize their field work and achieve better crop yield while reducing input costs.

Machine Sync enables seamless communication and coordination between multiple machines operating in the same field. This feature allows for enhanced efficiency, productivity and coordination during complex field operations such as harvesting or planting. Key features Include Auto-Path Matching, In-Field communication, harvest automation, increased productivity, and operator fatigue. Overall Machine Sync enhances coordination, efficiency and productivity in farming operations by enabling seamless communication and automation between multiple machines working in the same field.

The John Deere Advanced Package offers a comprehensive suite of precision ag technology that empower farmers to increase productivity, reduce input costs and improve overall farm management practices.

 John Deere technology are designed with user experience in mind, making them intuitive and easy to use to help customers make the most of their equipment and optimize their workflows.



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