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ALZU Beefmasters: Profitable production reputation

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Beefmaster cattle are used as a mother line in the breeding program for reasons of survival, fertility and longevity, with a 90% conception rate contributing to the success of the breed.

Alzu Beefmasters’ Bulls have higher weaning weight and more profit. Buying a bull isn’t all that difficult. The secret lies in buying a bull that can add real value to your business. And value addition is indeed what Alzu Beesmasters focuses on.

Leon du Toit, a member of the well-known Du Toit family from the Alzu Group near Middelburg in Mpumalanga and manager of Alzu Beefmasters, says: “We take the guesswork out of buying a bull and provide a performance-tested, commercially orientated Beefmaster packed with the desired genetics that can take your business to another level.”

Alzu Beefmasters originated in 2005 from a Tuli X Angus cow herd base. They then used Beefmaster bulls to optimise weaning weight and to increase the profitability of the Alzu Farm’s cattle branch. “The Beefmasters achieved this objective and our weaning weights improved by 30%. These results gave rise to increased profits.”

High weaning weights

Leon says the most important trait in their selection is high weaning weight, but coupled with low birth weight. The herd’s average birth weight is 33kg and the average weaning weight, including heifers and bulls, is 265kg.

“The Beefmaster is an exciting new breed that has not yet been discovered by commercial farmers. However, if I look at what the Beefmaster has done for Alzu, the profitability aspect is amazing.”

Together with the weaning weight trait the breed’s other inherent traits are hardiness and adaptability, as well as good milk production.

Leon manages Alzu Beefmasters according to his so-called “five commands”

  • Only select according to Tom Lasater’s six essential traits on which the breed was originally built. They are temperament, fertility, weight, conformation, milk production and hardiness.
  • Strive for reproduction efficiency.
  • Do performance testing in a controlled environment.
  • Use direct selection. In other words, select for the desired trait. Don’t play with combinations that could end up highlighting only certain traits.
  • Utilise nature’s adaptability traits.

According to Leon, the ideal Alzu Beefmaster bull is precocious and well-muscled, with a loose skin, a smooth coat and a medium sheath. The bulls must be able to walk strongly and show vibrancy, which is a good indication of high libido.

“When it comes to type, I prefer a bull that is more inclined towards Indicus, with a smooth coat, but complemented by Taurus muscling. We have a bull for every taste. Some of our bulls are more inclined to Indicus and some to Taurus.

“The cows in the Alzu herd are medium framed animals, but they easily wean calves weighing more than 50% of their own body weight.

Their next auction is on 18 July 2023. See more below:

Product: Alzu Beefmasters | 15th Production auction | 18 July 2023 | Middelburg – Agri4All

For more information contact them at or 013-249-8900.


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