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The NEW Jooste HDPE Float Valve

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HPDE Float Valve

Jooste Cylinder & Pump Co. (PTY) Ltd was established by Mr Christie Jooste in 1967. He manufactured the first Stainless Steel Windmill Borehole Cylinder in 1989 and won the “Cullinan Good Engineering Design Award” a few years later.

Over the years the Jooste cylinder has been improved to the top quality product manufactured today. Jooste Cylinder & Pump Company has become the most popular windmill borehole cylinder producer in South Africa and Namibia, using modern materials such as Stainless Steel and Polyurethane.  In December 2013, the company was sold to Mr Conleth Costigan. He brought with him a new vision: a vision to expand the market in South Africa and Africa, to develop new products and to improve existing products. One such improved product is the NEW ‘HDPE Float Valve’.

The HDPE Float Valve guarantees maximum water flow with a leak-proof seal. The ball is manufactured from closed-cell polyurethane which ensures that the ball will always float even if it is damaged by livestock. The new & improved HDPE Float Valve is produced in two different sizes namely; 25mm for high pressure (10 Bar) with a flow capacity of over 20 000l/hr and a 32mm for low pressure (3 Bar) with a flow capacity of up to 30 000l/hr.  The HDPE float valve is corrosion resistant with minimal lime scale build-up and is easy to install & service.  The new HDPE float valve was very well received at the recent Nampo Cape Show.

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