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Taltec stays on top

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In Taltec’s 34 years of producing cattle management equipment, they have certainly had their highs and lows. Confident business practices, implemented and maintained by Peter Talbot, founding member, together with sheer grit, determination and “learning the hard way”, has seen Taltec weather the storms.

The current trading environment with all its uncertainties is just another blizzard that requires two hands on the rudder and all hands on deck.

In 2006 Peter Talbot retired from this family concern, which started with a clever new idea for dipping cattle on his own farm all those years ago. The popularity of his spray-race was the start of a whole new career.

His son, Greg Talbot, took over full control of the business. Greg has been managing the business very successfully for approximately 6 years already, and runs this ship with discipline and the application of sound accounting principles.

At Greg’s side is sister Bronwen Talbot who has become the face of Taltec over the last four years and is regularly seen at the agricultural shows around the country. Bronwen looks after the marketing function undertaking to get the right product to the right person at the right time.

Taltec continues to operate out of their factory in Brits supplying directly to the public and via various agents dotted around the country. Peter Talbot now runs a Taltec depot from Dunroven Farm in Hankey, Eastern Cape.

Whenever anyone asks Taltec who their major competitors are, they always say: “The farmer”. If a farmer can make it cheaper himself he will. “And why not,” says Bronwen, “where do you think all our designs come from in the first place? However, if we can provide a product that will save the farmer time, frustration and money, then we have a business.”

The challenges now, say the Talbot’s, is to improve proces­ses to keep costs down. “The last year and a half, we have been working on improving productivity.”

Staff training is also crucial and Taltec is taking full advantage of the mandatory grants available in this area. Much attention is being paid to boosting staff morale. 

Another key focus is sales. Their export market is growing stronger and stronger. Several business-building trips into Africa have revealed a market hungry for equipment. They currently export to Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia and United Arab Emi­rates.

On their website, established in early 2000’s, Bronwen reports : “It opened up our sales world. We are absolutely harnessing the power of this incredible engine and if a company is not taking advantage of this huge trend, they are simply missing out.”

One cannot go wrong with a Taltec purchase. All products are made from A-grade steel. The finished products are washed and de-greased. A base coat of zinc-chromate protects the metal and an enamel top coat in olive green finishes off the process.

With steel currently apprecia­ting in price, your product can maintain its value for quite some time. “One often has to look at the long term gain of handling your cattle efficiently to push your decision towards the purchase of equipment,” admits Bronwen.

She says: “Happy cows equals tasty beef equals satisfied customers!”

For top cattle management equipment call Taltec: 012-250-2188 or visit

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