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Securing the harvest: Armoured Mobility’s bulletproof vehicles transform farm security

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There is a growing concern in our farming sector that farm-related murders, kidnappings, and attacks are on the rise. The 2022 farm murder report, which was released by AfriForum earlier this year, paints a sombre picture, revealing that while farm attacks have decreased from 415 in 2021 to 333 in 2022, the number of murders remains distressingly high, with 50 lives lost.

One alarming revelation is that only 33% of murder suspects were apprehended in 2022. The rural locations of farms contribute to the challenge, hampering swift responses from law enforcement. The statistics are also not as accurate as we want it to be as many crimes go unreported due to the lack in confidence in police.

In light of these facts, it becomes evident that the farming sector needs innovative solutions to enhance security and safeguard lives. This is where Armoured Mobility, a solutions-based company, has been making strides,  redefining safety for farm owners, security personnel, and staff.

Armoured Mobility’s fleet of bulletproof bakkies and SUVs are designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, providing an additional layer of protection, offering farm owners the assurance they need to navigate the challenges of rural life.

Armoured Mobility offer B4 Discreet Premium protected vehicles, B6 Discreet Premium protected and B6 Discreet Security Vehicles. All our vehicles are built with complete 360° armouring including the roof, firewall (on our B6 models) pillars and cabin.

One of the critical advantages of Armoured Mobility’s vehicles is their ability to mitigate response time challenges. In remote areas where immediate police intervention may be delayed, having an armoured vehicle can be the difference between life and death. The extra time gained can be crucial in escaping hostile situations and ensuring the safety of those on the farm.

In a landscape where trust in law enforcement is dwindling, farm owners are seeking proactive measures to secure their properties. From increasing armoured response and on site security, to installing the best home security systems, Armoured Mobility covers the transit element. The company’s commitment to safety extends beyond the product itself—it’s a holistic approach to farm security.

As we await the release of the 2023 farm crime statistics early next year, one thing remains certain: Armoured Mobility can equip farm owners with state-of-the-art bulletproof vehicles, this solutions-oriented company is making a tangible impact on the safety and well-being of those who feed our nation.

Whether purchasing one of our armoured vehicles from our showroom, or building armour onto an existing vehicle at our world-class armouring factory, Armoured Mobility will keep you safe during transit.

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