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Pioneer maize seeds: fill your planter with the best thinking in modern farming

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Watch the videos below on Pioneers product offering of maize

Pioneer P2553

Our P2553 is a Pioneer hybid for the Eastern areas.

Pioneer P1513

Our P1513 hybrid seed is a quick grower with very good agronomical characteristics – a great replacement for the 33H56-range for the East.

Pioneer P1788

Pioneer P1788 seed is a maize hybrid for the East.

Pioneer P1788: The growth process of P1788 seed

Pioneer P2531

Our P2531 hybrid seed and its characteristics.

Pioneer P2137

Pioneer P2137 comes with a new gene Mon89034, thus this yellow hybrid can handle the worms very well.

Pioneer P2432

P2432 is a strong hybrid that won’t fall over with a good root system.

Pioneer P2432: The growth process of P2432 seed

Pioneer P2565WB

An insightful look into our P2565WB hybrid seed suitable for the Western areas.

Pioneer P1197YHR

P1197YHR wys baie goeie opbrengspotensiaal in SA, net soos dit in die VSA bereik het.

Pioneer P1197: The growth process of P1197YHR seed

Pioneer P2865WBR

Our P2865WBR hybrid seed is truly top of the range, here are some insights into the product.

Pioneer P2927WYR

Die P2927WYR kultivar is gekweek vir hoë potensiaal gronde en watertafels wat addisionele tyd nodig het.

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