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Own a Wap and be a winner!

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Pure, undiluted, unstoppable cleaning power!

Wap unleashes this power against any kind of dirt – with only the touch of a button.

Thorough cleaning is important to brothers Colen and Martin Holder of Greylingstad, because they have learnt that a clean machine works better and has a longer lifespan. Oil leaks and faults have the habit of lurking beneath a layer of dust, ground, mud and grime, from where they do their damage unseen.

With a clean machine, however, you can identify and fix these problems in time to ensure a longer and more productive machine life.

An effective cleaning machine is essential, especially for Martin’s activities as a haymaking contractor. In the fields, the dust and dirt can quickly accumulate on tractors and machinery, which is something that Martin doesn’t tolerate.  

He and his brother’s pre­vious high-pressure clea­n­ing machine, which wasn’t a Wap, tried its best, but it wasn’t long before it lost the battle and collapsed.

That very evening, Martin and Colen saw the Wap competition in ProAgri and entered immediately.

Just the idea of a new Wap awakened desires, because they really needed a clea­n­ing machine and… “not­hing can be compared with a Wap,” says Martin.

He says that he has seen and used Wap machines on farms where he was making hay and has desired one of his own. Some of them are very old, but still run like clockwork, because “Wap is in its own class and anyone who wants to clean thoroughly dreams of ha­ving one”.

Great was the Holders’ joy at the news that they were the winners of the Wap NovaStar. With their other machine now beyond repair, they really needed the Wap.

Martin is extremely pleased with the NovaStar. He says that it cleans far better than anything else he has seen in action and, with its pressure of up to 150 bar, it doesn’t need much soap to make the dirt disappear.

The NovaStar is powerful and easy to use. “There’s no fuss: if it has its water and power, it works.”

From what Martin Holder has seen and heard from other farmers, he knows that he and his brother now have an effective cleaning machine for a lifetime with their new Wap NovaStar.

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