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One fuel system, one network, one team!

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In today’s fast-paced world, every minute and every cent counts – and in the logistics industry it is even more so. For fleet owners and logistics companies, managing fuel expenses efficiently and effectively while ensuring uninterrupted operations is of utmost importance.

ONLINE Petroleum Network identified fuel management as one of the critical control factors to be solved for fleet owners and logistics companies – and we did.

ONLINE Petroleum Network has developed a multi-functional B2B Cloud-Based Fuel Management platform which is offered to fleet owners and logistics companies at no cost to those who sign up as a member of the ONLINE Petroleum Network. It is said by many prominent industry role players that this offer revolutionises the fuel sector and transforms how logistics companies handle their refuelling requirements. Our platform streamlines the connection between fleet owners, drivers, fuel supplier truck stop owners, ensuring seamless coordination and optimisation of fuelling operations.

By consolidating all fuel procurement processes, we provide clients with a streamlined approach to manage their fuel expenses by saving valuable time and resources. Our extensive network of refuelling depots across Africa ensures seamless access to fuelling points, eliminating the need to navigate multiple systems and networks.

We have done the groundwork by building a reliable refuelling network. With just a few clicks, clients can tap into our extensive network spanning Southern Africa and neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique…. and growing. This comprehensive coverage has propelled us to become the fastest-growing on-road refuelling solution for fleet owners in the region. Additionally, our integrated Forex currency feature facilitates transactions in the currency of our clients’ choice, providing added convenience and flexibility for international clients engaged in cross-border operations.

Recognising the significant impact of fuel costs on transporters’ monthly budget, we offer unbeatable discounts on on-road diesel prices. Through our platform, clients can access the best prices in their region, maximising savings without compromising on quality or service. Automatic price optimisation and real-time transactional reporting empower clients with the insights needed to make informed decisions and remain competitive in the volatile fuel market.

Our vision is to empower fleet owners with an efficient and stress-free refuelling experience.

From order to pump, our team has 24/7 depot oversight, ensuring our clients receive timely updates throughout their trucks’ refuelling process to eliminate delays and getting our clients back on the road faster.

We know that ease of use is key to adoption, which is why we have prioritised user-friendliness in our platform. Whether it is placing orders, managing your account, or accessing relevant reports.

Our mission is clear: To deliver immediate savings on fuel costs while upholding the highest quality standards. By simplifying fuel management, we want to enable our clients to focus on delivering exceptional service to their customers, by optimising their workflow to concentrate on key tasks.

While competition exists, we stand out from the crowd with our commitment to accessibility and transparency. Unlike other platforms you can create an account in minutes and our platform is completely free to use, with no sign-up or monthly costs. We believe that every business, regardless of size, deserves access to the tools they need to succeed.

Here is how it works:

Fleet owners and logistics companies in our network can plan the trip of each truck in their fleet by identifying the fuel supply points they would want to use on-route, estimate the fuel cost for the trip, pay and order their fuel in advance for each truck in their fleet – all from our platform. This process eliminates cash handling by drivers, on site card payments by drivers and fraudulent fuel transactions – our ONLINE Petroleum fuel ordering platform minimises paperwork, human-errors and missing receipts.

Imagine, not having to worry about the cash in your driver’s pocket, a missing or damaged fleet card, card management / transaction cost and irregular expenses. ONLINE Petroleum focuses on saving our clients money from the first litre they pour, putting all fuel management and payment control back in the hands of the fleet and logistics company owners.

How to start saving money is as simple as:

  • Contact ONLINE Petroleum Network.
  • Complete our Application Form.
  • Upload your fleet and driver information.
  • Plan the trips of your trucks in your fleet.
  • Allocate funds to your ONLINE Petroleum profile in minutes – any time of day.
  • Order fuel at your selected depot in our network and send your trucks to fuel up!

By leveraging technology, innovation and dedication to customer satisfaction, we are empowering logistics companies to drive efficiency, cut costs and with the help of their dedicated account manager, we will help our clients manage their cashflow more effectively.

What we offer to Fuel Supply points

The competitive fuel industry demands innovative solutions. At ONLINE Petroleum, we offer a unique platform that connects fuel depots directly with a growing network of fleet owners and logistics companies, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Benefits for fuel depots

Steady flow of NEW customers: We bring you consistent business by connecting you with a reliable customer base. This translates to a continuous stream of income and increased fuel sales.

Enhanced visibility: Gain greater market exposure and reach a wider audience through our platform. We actively promote participating depots to our expanding customer network, making you a preferred refuelling point.

This is the testimony of Danie Senekal from Sen-Trans, a loyal customer to Online Petroleum. He is convinced that they are the best of the best.

“Online is available 24/7. Their rates are some of the best a transporter can ask for. There are branches nationwide which are very convenient. Placing orders is particularly easy. I can recommend Online for great service, best rates and friendly, professional service from management and staff.”


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