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Omnia driving innovation & the future of South Africa’s Agriculture industry at NAMPO Kaap

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This week, Omnia exhibited its latest range of farming innovations – from autonomous robots to A.I. analysis tools – at NAMPO Kaap, the largest privately-owned agricultural exhibition in the Southern hemisphere. Furthermore, the chemical services group sponsored the exhibition’s Boere Planne Competition, promoting out-of-the-box thinking in the development of solutions to transform South African agriculture.

For the past 70 years, innovation has remained at the core of Omnia’s operations and solutions for the local agriculture sector. From its patented total crop management process – the Nutriology model – to partnering with some of the leading tech specialists, Omnia remains committed to serving agricultural prosperity.

Omnia has evolved into more than just a fertiliser business, now offering farmers and the wider industry a wholistic range of solutions – propelling the sector into the future of agriculture. Not only that, but Omnia Agriculture’s solutions are also leaving a positive impact on sustainable objectives whilst promoting enhanced crop yields,” said Seelan Gobalsamy, Chief Executive Officer of Omnia Group.

Key technological solutions showcased at NAMPO Kaap included:

Autonomous vehicles through Omnia Agriculture Technology and NAIO partnership

Agricultural experts across the globe are embracing automation to heighten efficiencies on their farms. Since its establishment, Omnia Agriculture Technology (AXIOTEQ) has focused on building new equipment solutions that specifically cater to South Africa’s unique climate, whilst reducing environmental impact and limit overuse of pesticides and water. Meanwhile, its partner, NAIO, develops, builds, and markets autonomous systems dedicated to agricultural applications. This equipment is also customisable to suit specific farming requirements, as seen at NAMPO Kaap, where the robots were tailored to operate in the Western Cape’s wine farm vineyards.

Satellite imagery and irrigation scheduling

A fundamental tool to compliment various Omnia Agriculture products, OmniZone satellite imaging enables farmers to track several factors, such as predicting crop yields, determining the lay of the land, weather patterns, and more. Used in conjunction with OMNIPIVOT, Omnia’s advanced irrigation scheduling solution, farmers can minimise overuse of nutrients, water, and pesticides while maximising plant growth, crop quality, and crop yield. Ultimately, these products allow for more sustainable – and efficient – farming.

Biostimulants and specialty products

With changing weather pattens, soil structure, and climate change – biostimulants provide essential support for plants to absorb nutrients more effectively, whilst strengthening them to better tolerate stressful environmental conditions. For example, Omnia’s Rhizovator range consists of a specific ratio of biological components that have been proven to improve nutrient use efficiency and soil structure over time, while still being environmentally friendly. These solutions are designed to better the soil conditions, which in turn, enhances the yield, limiting waste and improving crop survival rates.

Mandla Mpofu, Managing Director at Omnia Agriculture, said: “Whilst we strive to provide innovative solutions to farmers, it is as critical to encourage new ways of thinking among our communities and key players in the industry. Omnia is honoured to sponsor the Boere Planne Competition in the hopes of sparking creative thinking and ingenious solutions. On top of that, Omnia continues to partner with industry players to ensure the youth are equipped with the skills and know-how to futureproof the industry. Our upcoming youth development partnership with Afrika Tikkun is evidence of this.”

As a tangible outcome of the business’s commitment to sustainability, food security and education Omnia has sponsored 400 Reel Gardening boxes to the event’s School’s Programme. Four of Omnia’s leading agronomists will be speaking to over 100 students daily, to provide guidance on career opportunities in agriculture. Reel Gardening, one of Omnia’s leading CSI endeavours will give students an opportunity to plant their own fruits and vegetables, monitor their crops and feed a family of four for a year, a great starting point to the technology and impact of farming.

With technology proving an essential resource to improve overall farming performance, Omnia’s customisable range of solutions help farmers manage risk.

Omnia Agriculture’s objective is to minimise risk for farmers, whilst ensuring they get the most out of their operations. We are delighted to have the opportunity to participate and continue to add value to the industry at NAMPO Kaap, whilst showcasing our solutions that heighten risk management for local farmers,” concluded, Louis Strydom, Marketing Director.



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