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Massey Ferguson at NAMPO Cape: Reliability across every range of farm equipment

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Reliable equipment and machinery are a must-have for a productive farm. Farmers choose the name that has become synonymous with dependability over the past 175 years.

At the 2023 Cape NAMPO in Bredasdorp, Massey Ferguson showed farmers why their machines are famous for being straightforward and dependable. The simple fact that farmers can find a host of reliable farming equipment in this stall, makes the choice even easier!

The brand currently boasts with the leading loader in the market. It can lift a weight of 1,5 tonnes up to 3 metres high. To put that in perspective, that is the equivalent to two dead cows – or R165 000 worth of boerewors …

This MF self-propelled sprayer is available in boom sizes of 30 metres to 36 metres.

From orchards to dairies, there is a Massey Ferguson for every farm

Massey Ferguson offers a variety of orchard tractors. “Our range of orchard tractors varies from 65 to 85 hp (48 to 64 kW), but we can also build you a custom tractor of 110 hp (82 kW),” says Brendon Puttick, Area Manager for the Eastern and Western Cape.

These compact tractors are made specifically to fit between the rows of orchards, and under the canopies of the trees.

“One thing that is unique on our 3300 series,” Brendon explains, “is that we have a memory control button that maintains the speed (RPM) of the PTO consistent.”

Orchard tractors are available in cab or open platform types. “For a low horsepower tractor, you will be amazed what we have packed into it!” Brendon adds.

Important: These orchard tractors are now available at the exclusive rate of prime -4%!

You asked, and Massey Ferguson listened! Here is the Trident combine harvester that is available in class 6, 7 and 8

Massey Ferguson also has a range of other small tractors. “Our global series tractors are available in three sizes: the 47 range, 57 range and 67 range that goes up to a 130 hp (98 kW),” he elaborates.

Due to the tractor’s design, you can be sure that all the power of a MF is put onto the ground “MF has a wider wheelbase, meaning that weight is distributed evenly across the ground for less soil damage and more traction.”

MF high horsepower tractors rage from 155 hp to 370 hp (115 to 275 kW), ensuring that any planter will be drawn with ease. These are known as the S-ranges. The new 7S range has tractors up to 210 hp (154 kW), whereas its big brother, the 8S range, includes the 370 hp (275 kW) model.

Giving every type of farmer the MF he needs

Over the years, Massey Ferguson has developed an extensive range of machinery. One range on which the focus was placed during Cape NAMPO is self-propelled sprayers. It is available in sizes 30 metres to 36 metres. “The sprayers have section control and are full guidance,” Brendon states. “What is more, they also have a built-in weather station to make farming decisions easier.

“We listen to our customers,” he points out. “Many of them asked us for a new harvester, so we brought the brand-new Trident combine harvester from Massey Ferguson. It is available in class 6, 7 and 8.

“You can gladly ask any dealer about the products and discuss what will work for your farm,” Brendan states.

For more information, visit the Massey Ferguson website.

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