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Magi-Clamp, the last clamping tool you will ever need

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Magi-Clamp says it all in the name. This is the magical clamping tool for all applications.

This award-winning tying tool was invented, developed, and manufactured to efficiently make wire clamps on any pipe, hose, resilient material or used for any other tying down application.

Magi-Clamp can be used for:

  • Clamping
  • Tying plastic to copper
  • Tying wood to wood
  • Pipe connections
  • Create lock nuts
  • High pressure connections
  • Tying rubber to steel
  • Tying plastic to steel

The Magi-Clamp comes in two models, the Jumbo Magi-Clamp which can handle all pipe sizes from 6 to 120 mm and the Deluxe Magi-Clamp which can handle all pipe sizes from 6 to 40 mm.

How to create a wire clamp with the Magi-Clamp:

  • Simply insert the wire in the hole
  • Bend the wire across the grooved ends
  • Place the Magi-Clamp against the pipe
  • Wrap the wire away from yourself and around the pipe twice
  • Bend the wire back over the grooved ends
  • Wrap the wire around the pins in a figure of eight
  • Push the handles to tighten the wire
  • Twist the Magi-Clamp 90 degrees to secure the clamp
  • Relax the tension and pull away slightly
  • Twist another 90 degrees
  • Loosen the wires and cut off the ends

With the Magi-Clamp there is no wire wastage, and it is only made from the best material.

Magi-Clamp’s lifetime guarantee promises that your children and their children will still use it.

Visit the Magi-Clamp website at  to order yours today.



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