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Collaboration at the heart of the fresh produce industry to aid communities in crisis

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RSA Market Supply

The Mike Loutfie Foundation continues to respond to Covid-19 food relief efforts.

Our latest collaboration is with Agri SA who received a R1 million donation from Yara Africa Fertilizer. In a press statement on World Hunger Day, Yara stated that “It is with humble gratitude that Yara Africa Fertilizer is able to donate towards food initiatives in these challenging and difficult times. We are delighted to be a part of the initiatives with Agri SA and affiliates, which speaks directly to our mission and vison. Our mission is to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet, which leads us to our vision of a collaborative society; a world without hunger; a planet respected.”

Agri SA is proud to collaborate with the Fresh Produce Industry, Agri Gauteng as well as Agri Limpopo to ensure that selected beneficiaries, charities and NPO’s receive fresh produce relief in order to address the immediate food crises in communities. Partners RSA Market’s in Vaal and Polokwane will facilitate the purchase, packaging, and delivery of produce to the various communities. “We have seen and experience the joy and thankfulness of communities in need when receiving these food parcels.  A small act of kindness goes a long way”, said Christo van der Rheede, deputy executive director of Agri SA.

The Mike Loutfie Foundation demonstrates its vision to keep Moving Lives Forward as a collaborative partner in this joint food relief initiative between Agri SA and Yara by assisting with the selection of beneficiaries and the distribution of produce. Executive Director of the foundation, Zani Kunz, said in response to the hunger devastation experienced by communities, ”During the Covid-19 pandemic we continue to supply fresh produce donations to our nominated charities and have received generous support from donors.”

Kunz adds, “whilst these food contributions remain a focus in assisting vulnerable communities, we are also seeking to close the hunger gap with a more sustainable and long-term food relief solution.”

“Right now, communities in South Africa need our support. COVID-19 has exponentially increased national hunger devastation and we as a foundation at the heart of the fresh produce industry are poised to respond with both meaningful and impactful solutions in order to close this gap” said Kunz.

The foundation’s Product for Purpose initiative provides immediate food relief to those experiencing food shortages.  Fresh produce or in-kind items are donated and then distributed to our nominated charities and selected beneficiaries providing immediate relief. In addition, the foundation’s innovative Fresh Zone community initiative offers a long-term sustainable food source, a spark of hope and the upliftment of an entire community. Various communities now have the opportunity to create food security and become sustainable.

The Fresh Zone includes the erection of a vegetable tunnel and planting fruit trees that can help feed a small community. An earthworm farm is also provided to optimise plant nutrition and speed up growth. New farmers receive ongoing support from our monitoring and mentorship programmes.

This project has the potential to positively impact the mental, physical and emotional health and well-being as a result of a common sustainable community effort.

The Mike Loutfie Foundation is proud to partner with Agri SA, Yara and the RSA Markets in Vaal and Polokwane in order to assist communities in crisis that require immediate and urgent food relief.

Source: Mike Loutfie Foundation


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