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Celebrating Skilled Technicians: John Deere 2023 Awards

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On the 10th of November 2023, the prestigious Kievits Kroon played host to the much-anticipated JohnDeere Africa Middle East (AME) Award Ceremony, a night dedicated to acknowledging the outstanding contributions of individuals and branches within their extensive dealer network. Among the highlights were the Agriculture Workshop of the Year 2023 and the AG Technician of the Year 2023 awards, which showcased the commitment to excellence within the John Deere community.

AFGRI Harrismith, under the leadership of Joppie Bartleman, secured the esteemed title of Agriculture Workshop of the Year 2023, marking a standout performance amid tough competition.

The rigorous evaluation process encompassed a comprehensive checklist that assessed workshops against various criteria throughout the year.

AFGRI Harrismith, as part of the top 5 workshops, underwent a meticulous auditing process to validate the information documented on their scorecards. Not only was their efficiency tested, but the turnaround time of their service as well. The amount of downtime was to be kept to an absolute minimum in order to keep in step with the requirements.

Their commitment to marketing excellence was evident through the presence of a qualified technician or workshop manager at all times, backed by the technical skills and expertise that ensures that clients enjoy the utmost dedication towards the fast and efficient repair of their machines.

Agriculture Workshop of the Year- AFGRI Harrismith

The physical aspects of their facilities spoke volumes about AFGRI Harrismith’s commitment to professionalism. Their service vehicles were easily identifiable, the service reception was clearly marked, and the workbenches consistently maintained a tidy appearance. Moreover, the workshop had all the necessary tools to provide comprehensive and high-quality services to their customers.

AFGRI Harrismith’s dedication to continuous improvement shone through in their commitment to training. Actively participating in training events and engaging in online courses, they reinforced their position as a workshop at the forefront of industry knowledge. Customer satisfaction, a cornerstone of their success, was validated through positive surveys, cementing AFGRI Harrismith’s well-deserved status as the Agriculture Workshop of the Year 2023.

Ruan Kriel emerged as the AG Technician of the Year 2023, a testament to his expertise and dedication.

The competition mirrored the workshop evaluation process, with technicians taking an online test, progressing to a written exam, and culminating in the selection of the top 3 based on practical, theoretical, and fault-finding assessments.

Reflecting on his achievement, Ruan Kriel stated, “Being recognized as the AG Technician of the Year is truly an honour which I didn’t at all expect. I enjoy the responsibility of managing my clients and workload by myself and I don’t mind putting in extra time to learn something new.”

He further emphasised the fact that he loves what he does and wants to continue to grow in his occupation. “I want to continue to contribute to Agriculture in South Africa as a whole.”

In conclusion, the John Deere AME (Africa Middle East) Awards 2023 not only celebrated outstanding achievements but also underscored the commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction within the dealer network. The high standards that are reflected by competitions like these are a testament to the fact that clients are in extremely good and capable hands whenever they visit a dealership for any after-sales and technical services. The accolades bestowed upon AFGRI Harrismith and Ruan Kriel serve as beacons of inspiration for the entire John Deere community in the Africa Middle East (AME) region.

AG Technician of the Year- Ruan Kriel

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